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    I heard a quote once that I really believe in. “Businesses that do business, like businesses of yesterday, won’t be doing business tomorrow.” Not sure of the author, but I think this holds true for advertising and networking as well. Technology and the markets change so rapidly. What worked in the past may not work very well anymore.
    denver leads group This group and forum has been established to be a unique platform for business leaders to come together and share ideas and networking opportunities with each other. Even as an unpaid member, visitors can learn and contribute to the open lead exchange forum where ideas and business topics are openly discussed.

    I’ve personally visited several leads groups in the Denver metro area. While I can see how they are a benefit to the members, I believe there is a better, more efficient way to network. Several of the groups I’ve attended as a visitor wouldn’t even hardly hear me out to learn about my business. A large part of the meeting (my time) consisted of administrative announcements and a group sales pitch. I want a networking group that’s incredibly interested in proliferating my business, and making every second I invest, worth my time.
    That’s why The Denver Leads Group was developed. A lead generation group with a twist. We offer a public lead generation forum that members and nonmembers can participate in, in addition to a members only lead exchange forum for the more serious networkers. We even meet in person once per month for an hour or so.
    A lead group should be about generating leads for all of the participants. But with busy schedules, agendas and personal lives to manage. Time to invest doesn’t always come so easily. That is why this group offers optional weekly conference calls to members so they can constantly brain storm referral opportunities to other members.

    Being aware of the businesses that are contributors in the group is half the battle. Once a member is conscientious of their fellow members industries, referring becomes a lot easier. We help you realize that friends, family and acquaintances may be the perfect customer for your fellow Denver lead group member.

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